Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sic 'Em

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I bleed green and gold. I can't help it. I love my alma mater and hardly miss an opportunity to cheer on my Bears. And it's not always easy being a Baylor fan. In fact, it's rarely easy. Although our number one ranked Lady Bears Basketball team suffered a gut-wrenching, heartbreaking loss in the Elite Eight this week, it wasn't "hard" to be a Baylor fan. At least not for me. It was brutal to witness the loss first hand, especially surrounded by another Texas school that we had already beat 3 times this season. I won't get into my opinions on the fact that we even played them for a fourth time in that round. What I will say is that my take away from Tuesday night as I left with my twinkie for the night and dear friend Furr, was I was super proud to be a Baylor fan. There was definitely more green and gold at the AAC than that other un-mentionable, eighties-tastic color. And despite a lack luster performance from our beloved Bears, I know I left still feeling proud of our team, proud of our coaches and really proud of our university. I'm a sap and I'm cheesey. I'm aware of this, yes.

Reason no. 267 why I love Justin: As long as we're not playing TCU, he'll cheer for BU until he's hoarse! Really. This pic is from Sunday night's Sweet 16 game. It's in black and white because it was rainy and we were sweaty and sick. And Justin was wearing part of his dinner. Trust me, you don't want to see any of that in color people. I didn't get any pics on Tuesday night for obvious reasons. Furr and I went to the game and ended up in the exact same outfit, completely unplanned! We were decked out in our Baylor gear. I love it. And her. Just not that game. Anyway, I did snap this pic on Sunday night. Check out this sweet little uber-Baylor fan. She was at least mid sixties and had her Baylor scarf, earings, necklaces a purse and this little gem of a sunflower accesory. A glimpse into my future? Unlikely, I've never been a daisy fan. I do imagine I'll still be cheering on my Bears! Sic 'Em!

now that's team spirit

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Lake&Navy said...

My grandma gave me her vintage bear ears headband from her Baylor cheering days. I still need to show you. You can rock the daisy, I'll rock the headband.