Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Sister Day

Yesterday was officially "Big Sister Day" in case you didn't know. It was also Micah Rose Ybanez's birthday. More on that later. I took the day off yesterday to spend time with Keira while Matt, Aimee, Mom, Dad and Matt's parents were at the hospital. I got to their house before the sun came up, waited for Keira to wake up and thought we'd have a morning of play time before heading to the hospital to meet Keira's new baby sister. Let's just say things didn't go according to planned. As if you can really plan things like that anyway.

When Keira woke up we ate breakfast, "colored" baby Micah a pretty picture, read lots of stories, played with all of Keira's "babies" and, after a nap, got ready for Big Sister Day. I explained to Keira that she was going to be a big sister today and we put on her special outfit, complete with a tutu and hot pink shoes and her first pigtails! She didn't end up getting to meet her baby sister yesterday since Micah was born after her bed time, but here's what she did get to do on Big Sister Day:

Special Big Sister Lunch at Celebrity, where she sat in a big girl chair all by herself First manicure. She was perfect! Just sat and observed. We even taught her how to "dry" her nails.
Trip to Bebe and Dede's
Trip to Target to pick out flowers for Mommy
Movie date at my house watching Toy Story 3 (her fave)
Two trips to the hospital to see mommy and daddy
Dinner at Chili's with Justin and I
Special bed time stories and songs with Justin and I
Her first slumber party with me!

Here are some pics from our day:


Stacey said...

Ohmigosh, this is SOOO precious!!! Love all the girly activities... You're such a great aunt - she's so lucky to have you! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree Stacey, Keira is crazy about her Ashy

Lake&Navy said...

Did you pick the nail color? Love, love, love this!

ashleigh said...

Keira picked the nail color! She really wanted pink and purple, but I made her pick one and she went with purple!

Stacey said...

Go Frogs! :-)

Sherry said...

I think it is give 'em the ax big jax from SFA