Monday, March 28, 2011

WE Did It!

WE did it! We meaning Justin, myself, Curtis and Shevin. And thousands of other people for that matter. You might recall that earlier this month I ran my first 5K. It was tough, but fun and I did pretty well for my first time. And for being a faux runner. And for being out of shape. Just saying. Anyway, I started the whole "training" thing to kick start my "get back in shape" campaign. I only participated in the first 5K because it was a fundraiser for my brother in law's youth group and less than a mile from my house. When I finished it and met my goals I thought, "check." Meaning I didn't have to do another one. Weeell, my better half reminded me that I had planned on running at the end of the month with our friends Curtis and Shevin. Long story short, I decided last Monday to go ahead and do it. Make that WE decided to go ahead and do it. Justin decided he'd run it with us. Although we weren't completely prepared (I've been obsessing over my nieces and Justin's been studying since my last 5K), we were both so glad we did it! It was a fun run for a good cause and it was really fun to do it together. We also loved getting to do something with the almost Russell's! (They're getting married in July and we can't wait for the BIG day)!

For those curious, I was two minutes slower than my last time, but we ran a super fast first mile (9 min) and suffered the consequences the last half of the race. We finished and were proud of ourselves. It was special getting to do something side by side with the man I love. I'm thinking this won't be our last race either. If there is another one, hopefully we'll be a little more prepared! Here are some pics from the day:

5k runners moments before the gun went off!
Curtis and Shevin
this guy meant business

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