Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

toasting to the weekend!

I'm always glad for a weekend re-charge, but I was especially glad when the clock hit 5 p.m. last Friday. I think my body still needs a Spring Break. We all deserve a Spring Break, right? I think so. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point is we had a fantastic weekend. We kicked off our great weekend with a fun date night to one of our Fort Worth favorites, Tillman's Roadhouse. Mmmm. If you haven't been, make reservations now! It's a must. We don't get to go here often. (It's a little pricey), but we enjoyed a fun and affordable night out thanks to Groupon! Justin also let me indulge my sweet tooth and ordered tableside s'mores for us! My favorite. He even had some, which if you know Justin, means it must have been good. He's not a really a sweets kind of guy. Anyway, take my advice and make reservations at Tillman's. Then order the tableside s'mores. You won't be dissapointed!

tableside s'mores

pure heaven

Saturday morning I met the cupcakes for brunch and then ventured over to the Cowtown Indie Bazaar at Will Rogers Coliseum. It was basically a craft fair with all local etsy vendors. I was disappointed to be honest. I guess my best etsy finds are usually not local. Oh well. I did buy my nieces cute matching dresses. I support local crafters! I met my friend Shevin for yogurt and a little antiquing later that afternoon and then Justin came over to help me make dinner for my sister and brother in law. We made Pioneer Woman's Simple, Perfect Enchiladas. Ours weren't perfect, but they were delish. We took them over to Matt and Aimee's on Saturday night. We LOVED getting to play with Keira and see sweet five-day-old Micah. I held her for a few minutes, but she wasn't too happy about it. She really just wanted her mama. Justin wanted to hold her since he was still feeling a little stuffy at the hospital, but a screaming tiny baby was a little scary. He told me last night he was going to wait a few weeks for her to be more "stable" before he held her! Ha. I must admit, it was a little intimidating holding a newborn. Especially when she wasn't happy. Anyway, we had a great Saturday night.

After church Sunday we tried a new little pizza parlor by my house and then headed to Lowe's, per Justin's request. A couple hundred dollars later we walked out with a new area rug for the living room, a new disposal (mine broke last week) and a new light for my closet (that's been broken since I don't know when). I made Southern Living's Key Lime Pound Cake while Justin installed the new disposal. (Can I just say I love that man)?! I glazed the cake while he installed the new light in my closet and then we headed back over to Matt and Aimee's with the cake. We played with Keira for a while and visited with the tired parents. Micah slept and ate most of the time we were there. We hated to leave, but had to get home. We went back to my house with dinner, watched the Amazing Race and kissed the weekend goodbye.

Whew, that was a long post. It felt like a long weekend and for that I'm grateful. Happy Monday friends!

so sad leaving this little face on Sunday night


The Mensiks said...

Fun weekend! I totally want to go try those smores RIGHT NOW. And that key lime pound cake looks and sounds DELICIOUS! Was it easy to make? STOP BLOGGING ABOUT FOOOOD! Haha :-)

ashleigh said...

Ha! Sorry Stace. You know me, life revolves around food!

P.S. The key lime pound cake was to die for. O.M.G. I'm glad we left it at Matt and Aimee's!