Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plant Markers Re-worked

Like a lot of women my age I have an affinity for simple, fresh and inexpensive decorating ideas. I'm fairly certain that a good percentage of us are also blog stalkers and love borrowing fun ideas that allow us to tap into our creative side. (How many truly original ideas are left in the world anyway)? That being said, this post is merely a pass along. I copied it from a blog that I love, although I don't actually know the author of it. She's a friend of a friend, so that counts right? You've probably already read it, but just in case you haven't, you should. She posted this idea a few weeks ago, so you can search her blog for the original post, but here's mine:

First, go out RIGHT NOW and buy these. You can find them in the dollar section at Target.

And while you're out, if you don't already have some at home, swing by a craft store and buy some chalkboard paint and a paintbrush.

The plant markers are a great buy in and of themselves, the chalkboard paint just adds a fun touch. And it's quick and easy, even for non crafters. Just paint the message area of the plant markers (I used two coats) and voila. I think these little signs are perfect for showers to label food and drinks. They're also cute added to arrangements or seasonal decorations around the house. I put one in this little dish of bird egg soaps my friend Kelly gave me a couple of years ago. Get it? Fresh eggs. Ha. I humor myself.

That's pretty much it. Just wanted to share my fun little find. Happy crafting.

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Lake&Navy said...

I love you. I have those in my garden. No chalkboard paint though...would wash off when watering :)