Thursday, March 17, 2011

Micah Rose

8 lbs 7oz and 19.88 inches
Allow me to introduce you to Micah Rose Ybanez. Isn't she beautiful? She arrived at 8:19 p.m. on March 15 in dramatic fashion. After a long day of my sister laboring with not much progress, Micah was delivered by her daddy, i.e. my youth minister brother in law. That's right, she came too fast for any doctor to get there! And yes, they had been at the hospital since 7 a.m. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well. They went home today to join Big Sister Keira as an official family of four.

The jury is still out on who Micah looks like, although most say Matt. She doesn't look much like Keira (who looks a lot like Aimee). How cute would it be to have one that looks like Matt and one that looks like Aimee? It will be fun to watch Micah grow! For those that I told that Micah had dark curly hair, I was wrong. That was because she hadn't had a bath yet. It's darker than Keira's, but it's a lot lighter than I originally thought. She's perfect. Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself.


sleepy girl

me and my newest niece

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