Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Like true Texans, we spent Saturday morning at the world famous Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Justin grew up going every year, unlike me, who opted out of the yearly excursion once I was old enough to do so. In fact, last year was the first year I'd been in a very long time. It's actually pretty fun, and of course I love any opportunity to wear my vintage cowgirl boots. This year was Keira's first time to go, so it made the morning even more fun. Uncle Justin even bought her a pink light up cowboy hat. Every three year old needs one of those right? We thought so.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello 2013

It's been a while since I sat down to type out an update about our little newlywed life. So, hello again friends. I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. Ours is shaping up to be pretty great, although I'm not sure 2013 will be able to hold a candle to last year. 2012 brought our engagement, our wedding, honeymoon and all of the fun festivities that go along with that season. I miss it already. 2012 also brought two new nephews, brought home by our dear friends. Justin finished his masters degree and two of my sweet cousins graduated from high school. We joined our small group last fall and *love* getting to connect with others who are in similar stages of life. We're thankful for this group and for those friendships we already cherish. Yah, 2012 was pretty good to us, but we're excited for 2013 too.

Here's a little pictorial update of what we've been up to since Christmas:

went to a baylor bowl watching party. (with RG3)!
hosted a murder mystery NYE party for my college friends
our characters
the guys
said goodbye to our first Christmas tree. tear.
traveled down to waco for the BU v TCU basketball game. (thanks for the tickets robert and kelly)!
We've also enjoyed a lot of quality time with friends and family. Like I said, 2012 will be hard to top, but we're sure excited for 2013.