Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Afternoon With Keira

First of all, how cute are they? Ah. Love. Our Sunday morning started off as usual. Well, kind of. I thought I would surprise Justin and make these for breakfast. I anticipated him coming to pick me up around 10:40 and thought he would be so impressed that I was ready, had made a fun breakfast to go and was on time. It didn't quite go as planned. The recipe took a little bit longer than I thought and Justin showed up around 10:29. Geez. I can't win. Kolaches were delish and we were late to church. Anyway...

We hung around Fort Worth after church because we were supposed to go to Justin's family card game in Benbrook at 2. (They do this every month and it's so fun). We had just ordered when my mom frantically called and needed us to come watch Keira while she met Matt and Aimee at the hospital. I burst into tears instantly. We got our food to go and raced to Bedford. I was so worried and Justin was such a comfort to me as we hurried to Matt and Aimee's. I'm so lucky to have him by my side. We had a lot of fun with my beautiful niece. We read stories, ate lunch and played outside. The afternoon was made even better when we found out everything was fine with my sister and the baby. She's still scheduled for an induction tomorrow morning, so niece no. 2 will definitely be here this week! Although the afternoon didn't go as planned, we are both thankful that Micah is fine and that we were able to spend some time with Keira. Please pray that everything goes well tomorrow. Can't wait to show off my second niece!

me and my favorite girl

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Anonymous said...

You are the best aunt and Justin is wonderful with her, too. Thank you two very much! love, Mom