Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clean Up On Aisle 7

Justin texted me the other day out of the blue and asked if I could make him stuffed shells for dinner. It was out of the blue because we don't get to see each other a lot during the week, much less for dinner. He was (is) battling a cold and is in the midst of a tough week. Of course I happily obliged. Anything I can do to see my man and help him feel better ;) I tried a PW recipe since the last stuffed shells recipe I made was kind of bland. The PW version called for a lot of parsley. I didn't have any at the house, so I picked some up on the way home. You can see where this is headed.

In my new found bargain shopper way, I was comparing the Target brand to a name brand. Who really needs name brand parsley anyway? Well, somehow I let the GLASS Target brand jar slip out of my hands and naturally it shattered into a zillion pieces and parsley flakes went everywhere, including down into my shoes. Sick. There were also what seemed like a billion people on the spice aisle who just stared/laughed at me. I waited for a while, took the blurry picture below and finally darted off to find help. I know people thought I was just breaking and running, but I found a red-shirt-khaki-pant-guy to help. Ugh. How embarrassing. And I swear I can still smell parsley! Seriously.

exhibit a

And in case you're wondering The Pioneer Woman's stuffed shells were better, but not her typical wow recipe. Still searching for that...

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Lake&Navy said...

I will solve your fresh parsley ;)