Monday, April 4, 2011

A Windy Afternoon at the Park

Driving home from church and lunch yesterday I asked Justin what he wanted to do, fully expecting some sort of cleaning/organizing project response. Much to my pleasant surprise he suggested going to see my nieces. Woohoo! We took Keira to the park to enjoy the beautiful afternoon and give her mom some much needed rest. Well, as much rest as you can get with a newborn in a not-so-good mood. (Matt was at work).

We had so much fun with Keira, although we were super nervous with her on the playground. She had no fear and even pushed a big girl who was waiting for her turn on the slide! Justin and I decided it was time to go when the group of little (big) boys showed up with plastic swords. Clearly, not interested in watching out for the "baby" in the dress. Here's the serious big (little) girl in the dress at the park:

And we can't forget baby sister Micah. She didn't get to join us at the park, but we did get to snuggle her for a little bit when we got home. And Justin even got to hold her for the first time! Guess she's "stable" enough now. She wasn't in the best of moods, but we love her and her big sister so much!


Becca said...

I LOVE that you started a blog! LOVE you too!

ashleigh said...

I LOVE you too! Miss you and your fam! I can't believe how big the boys are getting. So handsome! Let's get together soon!

mom said...

Love the slide picture. Justin is going to be a great dad someday.
I asked Keira if she had gone to the park, she said "yeah, and they had a slide and swings".
You are a great aunt,