Monday, April 18, 2011

More Dancing!

First off, is it sad that my blog posts typically involve the same characters just different scenes? Maybe. It's what's going on right now though. Anyway, Friday night I joined my parents and niece on a trek up to Frisco. (Side note: I loathe driving up there. Just NOT a fan of the Plano/McKinney/Frisco area. Sorry. Give me Fort Worth and I'm happy). My aunt, uncle and cousins live up there and my cousin Alexandra was performing in her drill team's spring show. As a former drill team member myself, I was thrilled to go and watch! We weren't sure how 22 month old Keira would do for the two hour show which was way past her bed time. In a word, she was mesmerized. She sat on mom's lap for the entire show, clapping after every performance and eagerly waiting for the next. After the show was over she kept saying, "more dancing, more dancing"! Sweet girl. Another Fillie in the making? Looks like it.

loving all of Alexandra's sparkles

sooo excited waiting for the show to start

mom and dad with Alexandra. isn't she beautiful?

me and Alexandra. how did i not do the drill team/sorority girl pose too?
all tuckered out on the way home

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