Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dad in a Dress

Look closely and you will see my dad. Yah, he's the one with the giant bow on his head, wearing a blue dress. Had I known my cute little conservative dad would be dressing in drag last Friday night, I might have brought my nice camera. Lesson learned = always bring your nice camera. My parent's sunday school class put on a dinner theatre to raise money for I'm not sure what last Friday night. My dad, the successful financial planner, was the star of the show. We'd heard about "play practice" for months, but we had no idea what to expect. Now, I have tons of memories of dad being silly. Dancing to the beach boys in his brown, eighties-tastic robe on Saturday mornings. Doing his version of "raising the roof" or the cabbage patch in the 90s. Talking in his "rapper" voice to embarrass us in front of our friends in the early 2000s. Yes, my dad is quite the character, but not a lot of people know that side of him. I can honestly say I've never seen my dad in a dress though! Ha. He was a grouchy brother in the play and as part of the play, was forced to dress up as a woman for a scene. It was funny. I had to snap a pic. Even if it was from a distance with my iphone. I still have evidence. We loved it. And we love dad.

us with the star. apparently still in character


mom said...

I agree, he has been a great and fun dad!

Becca said...

Your parents crack me up! So funny! I Love them! :)