Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Night at the Ballpark

part of the "circle"

I have always been a Texas Rangers fan. Well, really I shouldn't use the term fan. More of a supporter. My parents typically took us to a game or two every summer growing up and they were always fun. Back in the Nolan Ryan/Pudge Rodriguez/Jose Canseco/Rafiel Palmeiro days. Vintage Rangers. The Ballpark always puts on a good show whether the Rangers are doing well or not. And we all know they're doing pretty good these days. Anyway, I would say I transitioned from a supporter to a true fan last summer. Justin loves baseball, specifically the Rangers, so naturally some of that enthusiasm rubbed off on me. We made it to six or seven games last summer - a record for me! Of course it was easy to become a true fan last summer, especially towards the end of the season when they got really hot! So, I'm a Rangers fan.

We'd been talking about going to a game for a few weeks and made plans to go with our friends Robert and Kelly last weekend. My bestie Natalie called early in the week and said she and her husband were coming into town for the weekend and wanted to go to a Rangers game. Perfect! I called the circle and although not everyone could make it, we ended up with 10! It was a packed house and we had such a fun time. Even if we didn't get to see fireworks. Stupid high winds.

some of our boys. plus robert who's not looking. aren't they cute?

my love

It's nights like these that make me so thankful for my friends. I'm a lucky girl. (Side note: fully aware of my overuse of the word thankful. But, I am. Guess it's a good problem to have. My apologies for the cheesy redundancy).

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