Monday, October 1, 2012

One Month

rogue wedding photo courtesy of a nameless senior who broke my no camera rule. at least they sent me the photos.
It's been one month since we said I do. Thirty days. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wish time would stand still. I wish we could go back and relive the day again. I hate getting further and further away from it. Justin thinks I'm crazy. I'm not, I'm just suffering from a little post-wedding blues. I blame my sentimental self.

Don't misread me though. Married life is wonderful. Better than I imagined. (And harder too, for that matter ;). The best thing I've ever done, as if it was a difficult decision in the first place. We're currently working on making my home our home. We're getting there and we love it.

Last night before bed we were talking about the first few weeks of marriage and all of the surprises, funny little stories, awkward moments, etc. As we reminisced over the last 30 days I couldn't help but feel lucky to be having that conversation at all. So thankful that we have found each other and are married. God is good. Life is good. Amen.

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