Friday, September 28, 2012


Well, it's official. I'm legally Ashleigh Nicole Johnson. Unreal.

I walked into the Social Security office this afternoon and got this little slip of paper:

and waited.

and waited.

and waited some more.

1.5 hours later (not that bad, all things considered), I walked out with this little slip of paper:

Life is funny isn't it? 29.999 years with the same name makes for a few slip ups here and there. Especially when signing my name or answering the phone at work. It's something I'll gladly get used to though. And like any good southern girl, I'm itching to splash my new monogram all over the house. Ah, life of a newlywed. I'm loving it.
P.S. Another reason today is great? It was exactly three years ago today that I met my husband. You can read about it here if you want to know the story. Thank you Robert and Kelly. Really, how will we ever properly thank you though?!

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