Monday, September 24, 2012

Newly newlyweds

us at one of j's friend's wedding last weekend. i'm wearing one of MY bridesmaid's dresses. thanks carr!
Being a newly newlywed is fun. But it's also a huge adjustment. Huge. There is a lot more to merging households than I ever thought possible. Whew. We've been working hard at making the house our home, so it's not all fun and games. We come home and work! It's all completely, 100 % worth it and there is nothing better than coming home to my husband. Still doesn't feel real. Please don't wake me up.

us at our first baylor game of the season.
Justin and I dated for almost three years before getting married, so we both thought we knew everything there was to know about each other. Guess what? We didn't. It's been fun "learning" though. Here are a few of my thoughts on being a newly newlywed.

1. No matter how low you crank the AC, sharing a bed with someone is HOT. And I don't mean sexy. I mean, wake up in the middle of the night and throw the covers off, then wake up half an hour later freezing. And repeat. We might be trading in my old queen size bed sooner than we planned. (note: justin sleeps through the night just fine. i have yet to experience a full night's sleep).

2. Putting my freezing cold feet on Justin is one of the funniest things ever.

3. I'm way more sentimental than I ever thought possible. And so is my husband.

4. My fridge is suddenly full.

5. I now eat at home most days/nights. I like it better than I thought I would.

6. I no longer have full reign on seasonal decor. Read: seasonal decor will be significantly decreased this year at my our house.

7. Men trim their nose hairs?!! And there's an electric device for that?!

8. I married a very handy, tidy and organized man. I think he's pretty cute too ;)

9. My schedule is no longer my own and neither is his.

10. Home decor and decorating decisions are tricky. I no longer have full reign over these choices either.

11. The number one question I get asked (and I'm asked this almost daily) is, "How's Avery adjusting to having a man in the house?!" Answer: Quite well. I'm fairly certain he loves Justin more than me. Or maybe it's the "alpha male" thing.

12. When you live with someone, particuraly your spouse, they see eevvvveerrything. Good, bad, ugly. Good thing we both love each other anyway.

13. Whoever advised us to not share a bathroom is a genius. Bless you.

14. We laugh a lot more now that we're married than we ever did dating. A lot more.

I'm sure there are a million more. Perhaps I'll do a part two in a few weeks. I have no doubt there is much, much more to be discovered about each other and marriage in general. So far, it's the best thing I've ever done.


Bethe said...

I am laughing because I wrote this exact same post a few weeks after Mr. Right and I got married. I feel you on the hot/cold bed thing, and the not sleeping through the night thing. My advice? Wear ear plugs, even if he doesn't snore - Mr Right doesn't snore but I used to hear every little thing and would wake up every hour. Now I sleep straight through even if he gets up before I do. So. Much. Better.

Twenty months after marrying him, I still find myself giggling that I live with a GUY! It's so much fun.

Lake&Navy said...

You'll get used to sleeping next to someone else. It's an adjustment. The queen bed is nice when you're newly weds ;)