Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Luck be an old married lady

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a newlywed or because I'm rapidly approaching an unmentionable milestone birthday; Whatever the reason for it, I'm not fond of the phrase "old married woman." Where did that come from?! I'm tired of hearing it. I'm sensitive to my birthday in general, particularly this year, so "old" anything doesn't sit well with me. Sigh. Maybe that's what I am.

Anyhow, this old married lady has been on a winning streak lately and I just had to share. Last spring, before I was old or married, I won a giveaway on Courtney Ead's fab blog. She's a fellow Baylor bear and a very talented interior designer. In my dream world she styles my entire house. Maybe in real life we can hire her when we buy a new house ;) Like I said, Courtney hosted a contest last spring and I won! My prize was  this chevron pillow and it fit so perfectly in my sun room! I'm mildly obsessesed. At that point I had never won any blog contest, so I was thrilled to win and win such a fun thing!

Fast forward a few months and I am now married and apparently old. And lucky. Within one week I won two blog contests! One from my sweet friend and fellow PR gal Bethe Wright. If you haven't seen her blog or etsy shop you should. I want one of everything in her store and her blog is one of my very favorites. I won this fall scripture print and it's even prettier in person. It's about to be framed tonight and will stay on the mantle through Thanksgiving. I also loved this adorable, hand-sewn note it came with. Those are for sale in her shop too.

And last, but not least, I won this beautiful scarf from Plumtique! They have a shop inside of Spice for all of you Baylor/Waco lovers. I adore everything they have to offer and have been stalking them all summer in search of an industrial letter J. I'm a woman on a mission. Anyway, I can't wait to wear this pretty soon. I'm thinking that alleged cold front coming this weekend will provide the perfect opportunity.

I still get the biggest kick out of seeing my new name in print :)

So, perhaps being an "old" married lady isn't all that bad. I do love that married part anyway ;)

*Disclaimer: I don't necessarily believe in luck. Just thought it made for a catchy blog post title.

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Bethe said...

Yeah! So happy to see you like your print, and even happier to see the pic of it framed on instagram! Thanks for the kind words, friend. And for the record... 30 isn't old. Take it from your (cough cough) almost-32-year-old friend.