Friday, July 29, 2011

Life Lately

Just for my own sake, here's a little rambling of what's been going on lately. I apologize in advance if I bore you to tears. We haven't been doing anything too terribly exciting. It's summer in Texas. And it is H.O.T.

A few days back we took a half day off together and traveled to Grapevine Mills. (My old stomping grounds. Tear). We wanted to see the new aquarium, but bypassed that idea when we saw the three hour line. Yikes. Note: if you plan to go, buy tickets in advance so you can skip the line.

We made the most of it and enjoyed walking the mall and popping in and out of stores. After our afternoon in Grapevine we drove to the other side of Tarrant County and ate at Los Vaqueros. Mmm.

mini cupcakes! yum. Even justin had one.

justin makes fun of me because i love getting gumballs from a machine.

great local joint if you're ever in town!

delish skinny margarita. sweetened with agave nectar. mmm.

This week has been hard. For a lot of reasons, so I'm glad that it's almost over. Ready to relax this weekend and start fresh next week. Plus, we are leaving for a little mini vaca on Thursday with my fam! Fun things ahead. Anyway, mom brought the girls over for lunch on Tuesday. Here are a couple of short videos of Keira singing to Micah. Pretty cute. Also, as noted on facebook, the first thing Keira said when she saw me was, "Ashy! Read the sic 'em bears book?! Pleeeassee?!" (The child has mastered the manners thing). And rooting for the best schools ;)

sic 'em keira!

And finally, bringing my smattering of random thoughts post to a close, we ended our summer softball season last night. We had fun playing together, but we did not have fun losing. We won three games and got annihilated every other game. So NOT fun. Especially when your team name is "Just For Fun." Seriously. We're both a little too competitive to be on a team with that name! Ha. We were never in good moods after  games to pose for photos, but I did get this quick shot of me and Micah when she came to cheer us on! We miraculously won that game. Anyway, it's been fun having Thursday nights sat aside for each other since it's getting harder and harder not to see each other during the week. We usually cook dinner and then hang out before the game. Last night we got sno cones! Won of my summer essentials.

wedding cake sno cone. my fave.
me and my littlest niece. isn't she gorgeous?

Sorry for the rambling. Sometimes a girl's just gotta get it out of her system. Amen.

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