Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Nights

us enjoying a little sorbet after dinner. mmm.
Although I spend a good amount of time each summer eagerly anticipating fall, I do love my summer nights. Especially when they're spent with close friends and family. We were lucky enough to have a weekend filled with those nights. Ahhh. Makes the endless string of 100+ degree days more bearable.

On Saturday afternoon we met up with the Paclebs and headed out to Dallas. The boys spent the afternoon and early evening at Top Golf, and from what I hear, it's a little peace of heaven right here in north Texas. Kelly and I enjoyed our afternoon in the air conditioned bliss that is North Park. (J and I picked a bad weekend to begin budget discussions)! Nevertheless, Kelly and I both restrained ourselves and only left with a few purchases which happened to be great bargains that begged to go home with us.

We picked up the guys, who insisted we come up and watch them finish out their game. We couldn't just sit around and watch, so Kel and I tried our hand at it. I think we'll keep our day jobs. After finishing out the game we made our way to the Bishop Arts District outside of Dallas for dinner. We had high hopes for a hole-in-the-wall mexican restaurant, only to discover it was only open for breakfast and lunch. Urgh. After a few additional failed attempts to choose a restaurant locale, we ended up at Lockhart's BBQ. Allegedly the best in Texas. I wasn't impressed, but I do love local joints and trying new places. The neighborhood is adorable and we (Kelly and I) enjoyed popping in and out of local shops that were surprisingly open late. We finished off the night at the cutest little chocolate shop, Dude, Sweet. Justin and I shared their blueberry vanilla sorbet and bought a box of assorted artisan chocolates to take home.

Something about strolling down a cute little neighborhood just minutes from urban downtown Dallas, sharing bites of sorbet with my guy and laughs with close friends just makes my heart happy. Life is sweet. Even when it's 113 degrees.

j showing us his skills

robert giving his wife a few pointers

i.heart.craspedia. saw this in a cute little flower shop after dinner.

isn't it such a cute neighborhood? can't wait to go back and explore.

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