Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My festive cupcakes

Happy NOT Monday friends! We had a wonderfully packed looong weekend that included Shevin and Curtis' wedding, getting a new car and celebrating Independence Day. More on Shevin and Curtis later. Here are some fun cupcakes that I made this weekend, adapting a recipe I saw on a friend's blog for rainbow cupcakes. I say recipe, but really it's just white cake mix, separated into three bowls, died with food coloring and layered. Ta-Da. I normally hate baking from a box, but this just made more sense. They turned out exactly how I wanted and my little taste tester Keira seemed to think they were pretty yummy too.

fun huh?

they weren't really this green, but the blue was brighter than I wanted

this little girl loves her cupcakes. she gets it from her aunt ;)

"no more pict-shas ashee"

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Lake&Navy said...

Also need a post about the new car. It's beeeeautiful!!