Monday, May 23, 2011

Where in the World?

Where in the word has Justin been? (cue Carmen San Diego theme music) Anyone notice who has been notably absent from the last couple of weeks of postings? If you guessed Justin, you'd be right. That's because he has been in China. Hong Kong and a couple of inland cities to be exact. He was there for 10 days as part of a class for his MBA. It was a long ten days. At least for me. The connection and sheer distance made phone calls and even emails challenging and sporadic. I missed my man. A lot. He was definitely ready to come home, especially after a grueling day of traveling half way across the world, but I know he had a great trip. And learned a little too ;) Here are some pics from his trip:

he said hong kong is a lot like nyc

they toured a lot of chinese factories

and ate some pretty interesting local cuisine
and met up with a university in hong kong. looks like they are attempting to brainwash the locals ;)

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