Monday, May 9, 2011

Same day, Same outfit, Different cities

I had planned to do a Mother's Day post today, but didn't make it out to Colleyville to steal a few pictures to scan. I'll do that this week. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day, speaking of. My family did. I think my mom's favorite gift may or may not have been but definitely was the MAVS big win. Mom and dad have season tickets and went to the game yesterday, so we celebrated last night after the win. More on that later.

Saturday was a fun, event-filled day. First off, I treated mom and Bebe to lunch and the Fairmount Home Tour in Fort Worth. I love that they love to tour old homes with me even if they would never live in one. I, on the other hand, hope I don't ever have to buy a "new" home. Now, don't get all offended. I have lots and lots of friends and family with beautiful "new" homes. I think they are wonderful, I just prefer old homes with lots of character. And yes, maintenance issues, I know. My current house was built in 1958 and I hope the next house is much older, although I love my little character-filled first home, maintenance "issues" and all. Now that I'm completely off-topic, back to Saturday. We had decided on Paris Coffee Shop for a late breakfast, but got there too late. Really, close at 11 on a busy Saturday? Urgh. We settled for burgers instead.

mom and bebe after our lunch
After lunch we headed off on the home tour path and had a great time! Lots of fun homes, restored with such great detail. Little slice of heaven for me.

us on the tour at blanchard schaefer
That night Carrie and I went to the Jason Aldean concert in Dallas. I opted for shorts, but was too lazy to change outfits completely. Hence the title of this post. We had a great time as usual. Perfect weather. Perfect people watching. Not so perfect? Disgusting pizza. Really? It was teeny tiny and tasted like bad Totino's. Ick. Lesson learned. 

Bad food and all, we had a great time. We're in the midst of that perfect time in Texas where the evenings are just cool enough and the days are nice and warm. It will be 110 next week I'm sure. Anyway, Carr and I enjoyed being outside, good music and gooood people watching.

me and carr
Yay for family, friends, live music and sweeping the Lakers!

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