Monday, May 16, 2011

Meeting in the middle

on Main Street
I've mentioned my circle before. We're all pretty spread out, but we do have a nice conglomerate in DFW. The DFW girls met in the middle on Friday night, which also happens to be my hometown. Bonus. We really just wanted to go to one of our favorites, Esparza's, but it ended up being Main Street Days in Grapevine, so we got a little shopping in too. Another bonus. I had taken Friday afternoon off to get a facial (rough life, huh) and then met up with everyone on Main Street in downtown Grapevine. The weather was unseasonably cool for May, there was no wait at Esparza's due to the festival and we ended the night with some yummy fro yo. Pretty much a perfect Friday night! We missed you Nat, KSti and Kate!

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Kate said...

So fun!! Miss y'all and downtown Grapevine!