Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5.24.11 in Photos

iPhone photos to be exact. My camera battery is dead. (Note to self: must get that charged before we leave for the lake.) Yesterday was a little nuts, specifically last night. My friends know that I love storms. Good old-fashioned Texas storms. However much I get strangely excited when Pete Delkus breaks into regularly scheduled programming with his sleeves rolled up, my love has waned over the years now that storms = potential I have to go to work. Plus, the tragedy of what's happened in Joplin and other areas of tornado alley over the last ten days is a little un-nerving. To say the least. With that being said, I am fortunate. Extremely. My family is fine. I am fine. Our homes are fine. My only casualty last night was missing the Biggest Loser Finale. Urgh. But, like I said, I am super lucky that's the worst thing that happened to me. I did end up in my closet with a camping lantern, a quilt, Avery and a few of his toys. That's a first. It just seemed that bad outside. So, here's my day from start to finish in photos.

First off I texted this "Good Morning - Love, Avery" photo to my friend Kelly. She liked the photo on facebook with Avery and his monkey, but wanted to see Aves with his pig. Ha. It's a long story...
Avery and his pig were still a little sleepy
Mom brought my nieces over for lunch. A nice mid-workday treat. Keira is turning into such a little person these days. She'll be two on Memorial Day!
cutie patootie. love that sweet face..

this is keira saying, "cheeeese"

baby sister micah. she's smiling now, but it's hard to capture on film.

serious face. i love this one too.
It was pretty stormy-looking on the drive home. Scratch that, on the drive to get my hair done. Priorities people. I thought I had several hours, which turns out I did, before the storm hit and it's hard to get hair appts rescheduled. I ended up leaving with wet hair, after multiple texts, twitter updates and radar checks. I did get my shine rinse put on and my hair cut though. Like I said, priorities. I actually drove home in the sun. Not long after I settled in to watch Biggest Loser, it started getting very windy and dark. Then sirens start going off and my programming is interrupted. Still wasn't too concerned until it all of a sudden stopped. And got bright (at 8 p.m.). And then green. And perfectly still. Then started hailing from different directions. I hopped outside like any redneck idiot  normal person to snap a photo and see if I could spot a funnel cloud. Then made it back inside just before the hail it. When I saw it coming in from different directions and my trees swirling, I got Avery and headed for my closet. I had gotten it ready just in case. You know how the story ends. We were fine. The house is fine. It was just a scary night. Here are my blurry pics from scary green sky to closet shelter.
through the screen

this was when it got eerily still. and green. (pic doesn't really capture it).

avery was so confused. and nervous.

"seriously. what. are. we. doing. in. here?" - avery
Happy Wednesday friends. And Go Mavs! The end.

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