Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wednesday night with my nieces

way more interested in american idol
Last night Dad was supposed to come over and help me put down some sod in my front yard. If you were anywhere near DFW yesterday afternoon you know that was not an option. Crazy lightning, although the rain was much appreciated. Anyway, since Matt has youth on Wednesday evenings Dad and I went over to their house to help with dinner and bed time. We had a lot of fun with the girls. Keira is very vocal these days and speaking in full sentences. She's a character, that's for sure. My mom says she acts like me at that age. Typical first born I guess? Ha.

Keira is also a big fan of Justin and she was a little disappointed that he wasn't with me last night. So sweet. She didn't get to play with him, but she did learn a new word: China. Pretty sure she'll assume Justin is in China from now on if he's not with her. She kept saying, "Justin's in CHI-na!" while nodding her head. Yes Keira, Justin's in China and Aunt Ashleigh can't wait until Sunday when he comes home. At least it's Thursday right?

Dad and I enjoyed spending time with the girls. Micah is getting big and she's beautiful. She's smiling and it's the sweetest thing. The jury's still out on who she looks like. It's hard to tell, but she doesn't look like Keira. At least not in my opinion. She slept most of the time in Dad's arms, so I didn't get a lot of pictures. Here's a montage of Keira at dinner. With food in her hair. She'll love me someday for this.

And here are a few of baby sister:

Being an aunt is the greatest. Amen.

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