Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We spent last weekend where we usually spend Memorial Day weekend, at the lake. My grandparent's lake house on Lake Quitman to be exact. It's one of my favorite places on this earth. Something about the familiarity of it all, the wonderful memories I have there, being on the water, being with family, etc., etc. As the family gets larger it gets a little more crowded, but I love it. You might get a different response from my hubby-to-be if you asked him. He spent a couple of nights on the couch and was woken up one morning by my our three year old niece who needed help going to the bathroom. Sweet, sweet Justin. He's a good man.

My brother and brother-in-law were the only two missing. Adam recently landed a coveted summer internship at a law firm (he just wrapped up his first year in law school), and my youth minister BIL had work obligations he couldn't get away from. We missed them! I personally enjoyed a little R&R and a break from wedding mania. We're closing in on 90 days to go and I just can't wait!

A few photos from our weekend. We lived in swimsuits and sunscreen all weekend and I didn't touch makeup, a blow dryer or a curling iron for three days. Bliss.


Anonymous said...

memories to cherish

Aimee said...

Love the pictures. You capture the best moments!