Friday, May 18, 2012

Niece Love

The last few weeks have been super busy for J. He finished up his hardest semester, traveled to Vegas with his bff (rough life) and has been working 60-80 hour weeks consistently. Fortunately, his rough semester is over (he'll have his MBA in 90 days)! and work appears to be getting a little less hectic. That being said, he hasn't seen my our nieces very much lately, and he missed them like crazy. We were able to sneak in a quick two hours at the zoo on Saturday night and then took them to dinner. By ourselves I might add. They were great and we loved getting to spend some time with them. I'm fairly certain that my sister (still recovering from pancreatitis) and brother in law needed some quiet time too! Here are some photos from our outing:

and lastly, a little comparison. We took Keira to the zoo in December of 2010. Here's a photo of Justin and Keira from that trip and another from last weekend in front of the same bird! She's such a big girl now :)

december 2010
may 2012


Courtney at Little Moments said...

precious little girls! I'm SO sorry i've just got around to sending your pillow case! Our nephew have been living with us for a bit so its been a little crazy ;) I'ts coming though!!

ashleigh said...

You are too sweet Courtney! I wasn't worried. I read your blog and it sounds like you guys have your hands full! :)

Aimee said...

Such cute pictures from the zoo. And we DID need the quiet time!