Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Fun

sombrero cookies seemed appropriate

I don't really remember celebrating Cinco de Mayo in previous years. The last several years I have observed "Cinco de Stacey" though. My dear friend (and bridesmaid)'s birthday falls on May 5, so it's fun to really have an excuse to celebrate. I still celebrated Stace this year, just didn't get to do it in person. Don't worry, we have a special Sprinkles night on the books. This year we headed up to Allen for my other dear friend (and bridesmaid)'s housewarming party. Sarah (aka Spierce) and her husband Matt bought their first home last Christmas and we loved helping them celebrate that milestone. The theme was Cinco de Mayo of course, so I brought a festive dessert (see above). Thank you Pinterest. I'm convinced that Cinco de Mayo is really just a good excuse to have a party. Whatever the reason, we definitely aren't complaining. Happy Housewarming Dumas Family.

3/4 of my inner circle

my love

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