Monday, June 11, 2012

Mother-Daughter Trip

Mom and I made a little trip down south last weekend. South on I35 that is. The main objective was to be in the audience for my dear friend Natalie's dance recital in Waco. She owns the studio. We're so proud of her! We left early Saturday morning for Salado to meet with my wedding coordinator and talk to some local vendors that we are including in our welcome bags. The wedding is 82 days away in case you were wondering! Squeal! We got a lot taken care of, and being in Salado got me that much more excited for the big day if that is even possible.

After all of our meetings we headed back up I35, checked into the hotel and then booked it over to Baylor Ballpark to watch my Bears play in the super regional tournament. No one ever said I wasn't a dedicated Baylor fan. Mom however, is not the biggest baseball fan and Baylor is definitely not her favorite team, but she was there cheering in her BU visor. In 100 degree heat. With no wind. Oh my word it was blazing H.O.T. We couldn't stay the entire time because of the recital, but I'm not sure we would've lasted anyway. We made it to Hewitt just in time for the show and we enjoyed seeing all of Natalie's hard work on stage! It was fantastic.

mom and I before the first pitch

after the show

The next day we ate at my favorite breakfast spot in Waco, armed ourselves with an arsenal of things to beat the heat a little bit better and headed back to the ballpark for game 2. It was hotter, but more bearable thanks to the nice breeze and our spray fans. And my lemon chill. And a million $3 bottles of water. We stuck it out for nine innings only to see my beloved Bears crumble. They're playing in game 3 tonight. I'm having an internal struggle of whether to watch the game or the Bachelorette. Decisions, decisions.

part of our arsenal for game 2
I had such a fun, packed weekend full of all of the things I love most: Family, friends, Baylor and wedding planning ;) Thanks mom.

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you're welcome, love you,Mom