Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Nat!

My best friend from Baylor, Natalie, turned the big 3-0 on Monday. (I'm sure she loves me broadcasting that, but she owns it and makes 30 look pretty fantastic). Not that I'm in any hurry to see for myself. I choose to hold at 29 thank you. Anyway, six out of seven inner circle friends + significant others met for lunch and then surprised Nat with a birthday tailgate before the Baylor/tech game at Cowboys Stadium. You can thank us for the lovely winter cold front that blew in just in time. We had a great time celebrating Nat and watching our Bears stretch their winning streak to four. A great birthday present in my opinion.

We hope your day was special Nat, as you are so special to all of us. Thank you for entering into this scary new decade first and showing us that it's not that bad. We're right behind you! I'm thankful everyday that you so "coincidentally" bumped into me in the Barfield Drawing Room bathroom on that summer day in 2000. I love you, friend!

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Travis and Natalie Riley said...

Happy Birthday to Nat! You are such a great friend...she is truly blessed to have you!