Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 Years and Counting

I've droned on and on about my inner circle plenty on this blog, but it's because they are such a big part of my life and I am so.thankful. for them. All six of them. We got together over the weekend for our EIGHTH annual girl's weekend: Christmas edition and it was such a good time. We started this little tradition when six out of seven of us were still in college, facebook had just come to Baylor and flip phones were cool. The "weekend" used to be a day trip to Salado to enjoy their Christmas stroll, eat like VIPs at the Mansion (no longer in business) and browse through their cute little shops. A few years, some grown up jobs and a few weddings later our day morphed into a weekend that rotates. We were in San Antonio last year, Grapevine the year before and this year we stayed at the new Dumas casa in Allen. Plans are already in the works for 2013 when our little tradition turns ten. We're going big. The party planning committee is currently scouting locations. Suggestions welcome.

Here's a snapshot of our weekend. You can imagine there was a lot of laughing, storytelling, reminiscing and EATING ;) We're pretty good at all of the aforementioned.

we were asked to be on a tourism video for the city of frisco. so randomly funny.


Laura Furr said...

Ah, what a great weekend! Thanks for capturing!

Alli Aman said...

What a fun weekend for you beautiful ladies! My suggestion for 2013 is Colorado! ;) I could say "hi" in person then. :)