Sunday, November 11, 2012

Justin's wedding gift to me

My sweet husband really outdid himself when it came to my wedding gift. You may have heard me gush about it if we're friends on facebook. If not, here goes. He researched photographers in St. Lucia and hired one to do a professional shoot while we were on our honeymoon. Not only did it speak to my heart given my profession, but I love that we had these images captured by a real photographer and not just from our little point and shoot.

The shoot was really fun to and it was nice to get out and explore with a local. I should also add that Justin had a photo album made, modeled after a vintage honeymooner's album he found on etsy. He also made a beautiful box that now hold our wedding day keepsakes. The man knows the way to my heart for sure.

We just received the cd a couple of weeks ago and were thrilled with the pictures! Here are a few of our favorites. (Warning: lots of kissy photos ;)


Okay. Now I want to go back. Like, now.

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