Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding drama-rama

Remember how smoothly I said the wedding planning was going? Or how I said I didn't care about colors or flowers or cake flavors? Well, I lied. Not really, but I had two major meltdowns last weekend and have had a few not so pleasant conversations with the Nordstrom Bridal Suite, so I don't think my wedding planning counts as "smooth" anymore.

First of all, the bridesmaid dresses. Here's a shot of them in action:

Gorgeous, right? I love the color, the fit and the style of the dress. The price point wasn't bad either. I chose this dress about a month ago, asked my bridesmaids (all nine of them) the following week and last weekend discovered that they are completely sold out of the dress in any size smaller than an 8. That affects a whole lot of my bridesmaids. I won't bore you with the dramatic details, but apparently the designer ran a trial on the color and decided to stop manufacturing the color. After fruitless calls to Alaska, Nova Scotia, California and Seattle trying to locate the last remaining elusive smaller sizes, we're just going to have to get them altered. Nordstrom is paying for that of course. They probably shouldn't sell me on a dress that they don't have enough of in certain sizes. I made sure the manager of the bridal department knew that. Anyway, all of the girls now have a dress. So that's done. Check. I am so thankful to have such sweet and understanding friends. I love those girls.

More on meltdown number two tomorrow. Hint: It involved the guys' suits.


Kinsey said...

Let's just hope none of us have on walking casts in our dresses like the girl in the picture! That would add to the drama!

Aimee said...

Don't worry! Better to get the drama out now so it will be smooth sailing as the wedding approaches. I think this week was just jinxed for everyone!