Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our very special helper

We made a quick little trip down to Salado on Good Friday to meet with our wedding planner and do our cake tasting (yum). Although I enjoyed the day off, my sister and brother in law were both working, so my mom had both of my nieces. Dad took off to watch baby Micah while Keira made the trip with us. She was so excited to "eat cake" and reminded us of that fact all the way down 35! Girl after my own heart.

Once we arrived in Salado we went straight to the church where Justin and I are getting married. I love it. That's the subject of another post entirely, but it's just perfect. I needed to snag a few pictures for our rsvp postcards (they're going to be FAB) and it was a good opportunity to let Keira run around before our afternoon appointments. There happened to be a little field of bluebonnets in front of the church, so I took the opportunity to grab a few shots of my darling little niece.

she recently started calling him uncle justin. melts both of our hearts.

working it

sweet girl
After our mini photo shoot we headed up to our reception site and spent three hours going over details, sampling cake and making big decisions like whether to serve mashed potatoes or baked macaroni and cheese at the reception. Spoiler alert: we chose both. Keira was such a great little helper and sat at the table going over all of the details with us. I love having her share this time with us and I hope she remembers some of it when she's older. We keep telling her how special she is to us, because she is so special to both of us.

*Please pray for my sister, Aimee (Keira's mom). She was admitted to the hospital last night with pancreatitis. They are unsure of the cause and are reviewing tests and scans right now. She's doing alright, all things considered, but she is in a lot of pain. She should be in the hospital through the weekend and will hopefully be released on Monday.

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