Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding drama (part two)

The bridesmaid dress situation began Saturday morning (thank you to Carrie for alerting me to the problem). A few hours later Justin and I went to our scheduled appointment at Men's Wearhouse to look at tuxes and get all of those particulars out of the way. We assumed it would be nothing more than a routine, quick check off of our wedding to do list.

 Most know that J and I have very different styles. He's modern and I prefer vintage. Opposites attract, right? I tend to think so. Anyway, one thing that we've always agreed on when it comes to the wedding is the guys' attire. We both wanted light gray and we both wanted vests. We plan to take lots of photos without the jackets after the ceremony and we love the vest look. Neither of us thought that was too out of the ordinary. Apparently, it is. The only rental available was more of a silver (think PROM) and definitely not the vibe we were going for. The salesperson explained that light gray tends to be a more casual suit and vests tend to be more formal. Not only were there no rentals available in what we wanted, but what we wanted doesn't exist. Cue meltdown number 2. Right there in the middle of prom-a-palooza-2012 next to a selection of awful shades of multi colored satin vests and cummerbunds. Just as we were about to leave we noticed a three piece suit that we both liked hanging near the register. Upon closer inspection it was a great alternative to what we had in mind. The suit was being picked up by a groom, so we got to chat with him about his upcoming wedding. The suits are more of a khaki than a gray, although they have a gray tint to them. The kicker: they're linen. (I told Justin to add multiple steamers to our wedding day pack list). It's a sturdy, Calvin Klein suit, so it's probably (hopefully) not what you're thinking. It will be perfect with the bridesmaid dresses and the peach seersucker tie we have picked out for the groomsmen. Here's a photo of a photo of the suits in a catalog at Men's Wearhouse. Clearly, we are not having the guys roll up their pants or wear hats. Nor is our wedding taking place on a beach. Just to clarify.

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