Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Like everyone else on the planet, fall is without question my favorite. I just love everything that it entails. The pumpkin patch is one of those things, and we got to go with my nieces last Friday night. Matt was out of town with his youth group, so we helped corral (and wear out) the girls for my sister. I also snagged a few pumpkins for my front porch fall-scape. Justin will probably never understand why it takes me a billion years to pick out the per.fect. pumpkin. I am pretty particular about the color, shape and size of my pumpkins. And they have to have stems, preferably nice and curly. For all of those concerned, I found the perfect pumpkins. I happen to think Hall's Pumpkin Farm has the best and they didn't disappoint. It was the perfect fall night. Life is good. Amen.

keira was pretty particular about her pumpkins too.

aimee and baby micah


cutie and her perfect pumpkin

aimee and her girls

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