Monday, October 31, 2011

Festive Fun

Happy Halloween! Some of my favorite childhood memories are from Halloween and even now I get excited to go home and pass out candy to all of the cute trick or treaters. It's also been fun to experience the holiday with my nieces this year. Keira is going as Minnie Mouse and Micah's a little bumble bee. Keira came over last night after trunk or treat to "practice" trick or treating. I think she's got it.

me and my littlest niece. aren't baby micah's eyes to die for?

me and the nieces at trunk or treat.

trick or treat aunt ashy!


Justin and I also continued our oh-so-original tradition of carving pumpkins. We showed off our school spirit this year. Letters are tricky; I think we'll stick to jack-o-lantern faces next year.
that interlocking BU is tricky (pun intended)

justin's in progress

ta da. sic 'em!

my ever so school spirited display

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