Thursday, June 23, 2011

One of my favorites

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner blog today. It's her Show Us Your Life weekly feature and today is all about our favorite single friends. Carrie's mine. Know someone that would make a good match? Leave me a comment. She's going to kill me for this, but here are her stats:

Meet Carrie.

Frog lover (of the Texas Christian University variety). Life-long and loyal Dallas Stars fan. Expert in all things fun and quirky about Fort Worth. Visiting town? Carrie's definitely the one to call to get all of the best eats and sights in Fort Worth. You could say she's in - the - know. Avid runner. She's actually running the NYC marathon this fall. Elementary school teacher extraordinaire. It's not just a job to Carr. Faithful friend. Shy to some, but most definitely the light of the party to most everyone else. Sense of humor like nobody's business. Witty. Always up for an adventure. Or shenanigan. Last to leave the dance floor. And most importantly, a Christ follower. Yup, Carrie's a catch. Serious catch. I'm probably leaving a billion things out, these are some of the most obvious highlights ;)

I met Carrie a few years ago when she was my small group leader at our church, Christ Chapel Bible Church. What began as more of a leader - group member type relationship has grown into so much more. Carrie is one of my dearest friends and someone whose friendship I treasure. There is never a dull moment with Carr, yet she is also one of the best people to call when you need good advice or a listening ear. I have never linked up with any other blogs before, but wanted to do it this time. Just felt compelled to. I love Carrie that much! Here are some pics:

Carrie (on the left) and I

told you she was the life of the party. tailgating last fall.

carrie and not sure whose eyeball

pretty much sums Carr up. frog fan for life.


sharontidwell said...

She sounds wonderful for my little brother. #75 on Kelly's blog.

ashleigh said...

Hi Sharon! Caleb sounds like a great guy. Carrie just finished teaching vacation bible study this week too! Can you forward my link to your brother? My email address is Not too sure how this whole thing works, but I like the idea!

Mattd said...

Hey there, Ashleigh. You posted a comment today on my sister's post about me (AKA: #116--lol--only known as a number). Anyway, you said I should check out your post about Carrie--done! I'd definitely like to know more about her if she's interested. I'm happy to email or I'm on facebook like the rest of the world.,

Thanks for passing along your post about Carrie.

ashleigh said...

Hey Matt! Just wanted to let you know that I am emailing Carrie your information. Thanks for sending!

Caroline said...

Hi Ashleigh,

If you think Carrie would like to get in touch with my brother #150 - Jeff / 29 / Dallas - could you please pass along his email address? He's very interested :)
His email is

Thank you!