Friday, June 17, 2011

29 by 29


As in 29 LBs by the 29th anniversary of my birth. Yowza. I can't believe I'm actually putting this out there. Maybe it comes with the territory of our over-sharing, TMI generation. Really, I think it's more of an accountability to myself. I haven't been chowing down on chips ahoy or anything. No, I attribute the extra poundage to just simply being happy. Really happy. I haven't been monitoring what I eat reguraly or made working out a high priority lately. And it shows. My clothes have been getting tighter. And tighter. In response, I decided I needed a plan of action. Stat. I have way too much invested in my anthropologie threads to just throw in the towel. Plus, I have some (hopefully) exciting things coming up that I want to be looking and feeling my best for.

I have no real reason to pick 29, other than it made for a catchy plan name. In fact, once I hit 29 down I will actually be smaller than I was in high school. Not by much, but a little. Anyway, it's a great number and although challenging, is doable. My birthday is October 23, which gives me 18 weeks, or 128 days from today. I plan on really watching what I eat, which for me, means a lot more veggies and a lot less sugar. Bleh. I can give up fried foods easy. I don't eat them often anyway. I can give up cokes. Not quite as easy, but I've gone months (and even two years once) between them before. I can give up my favorites: pizza, mexican food and my starbucks habit. Hard, but not out of the question. Sweets? Yah, that's my vice. Those are going to have to be few and far between. I think the best way for me is a combination of all of the above. More of the good stuff, less of the bad, with a few treats spread out over 18 weeks. And LOTS of good old fashioned cardio. Any tips or suggestions? I have a feeling I'm going to need all of the help (and encouragement) I can get. Thanks guys. I'll report back periodically.


Bethany Jordan said...

You can do it!! Sugar is my vice, too.

Lake&Navy said...

I love this! I'm with you on the happy weight. It happens :)

Michelle said...

I know I don't know you, but I am a friend of Kate Kadane's. I too have put out there to some friends that I want to lose 29 pounds by OCtober 29th which is my 29th birthday. I just wanted to encourage you. Keep at it! Blessings to you.