Monday, February 21, 2011

Waiting for Micah

a shot of the mantle

My family is in full waiting-for-baby-mode. My sister is due March 7, but no one thinks she'll make it that long. Personally, I'm just thankful she made it to her shower yesterday, which was admittedly cutting it a little close. February has just been an insanely busy month. Anyway, we can't wait to meet Micah ____ Ybanez. (The middle name hasn't been confirmed).

I helped host Aimee's "sprinkle" on Sunday and we infused lots of purple into the decor. (Which, for the record, goes against the very core of my home's color palette, but it worked)! This shower involved lots of crafty elements, which was fun and will hopefully be special for Micah to enjoy when she gets older. I made a pennant banner with her name, a purple yarn wreath that we hung over the mantle and little pom poms that we hung from the ceiling. It added a lot of fun whimsy to the room. No people photos because I was a little preoccupied with making sure everyone had enough to drink, cleaning up spills and chasing after my sugar-consuming-no-nap-hyped up niece to care about taking pictures! You get the idea from the photos. We had a great time celebrating Micah's impending arrival and we can't wait to meet her! She is already so loved.
some of the pom poms (and Keira in the left corner ;)

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