Monday, February 28, 2011


thank you Spice for welcoming us to SING...

Another Baylor SING weekend has come and gone. Sad. I love that my sweet "circle" of girlfriends and I make this one of our weekends. Kate comes in from San Antonio, Jae, Spierce, Furr and I from DFW, Nat hosts us in Waco and KSti comes in from good 'ol Lawton, OK. This year Spiercey was sick and KSti spent the weekend with Dave who is leaving for a month for field training. (Did I get that right)? So, although it wasn't the same without them, we still enjoyed being together, critiquing the acts and participating in our traditions. Which, for the record, include eating at a certain restaurant and sharing the exact same pizza each year, Nat making us snacks for the 4 hour show, staying up far too late for our late-20-something-selves catching up and reminiscing and a new tradition this year, enjoying a delicious homemade breakfast by the George's. It was a great end to a great weekend, and we loved seeing DDD take third place! We're proud alumnae for sure. I love my friends and my alma mater more than life.

In other news, still no baby. Justin's got a big presentation and mid-term this week. I'm on week eight, almost nine, of my couch to 5k training and making it. Barely. I'm "running" my first 5k this weekend before my ten-week training is technically up. It's for my brother in law's youth group, so I'm going to try and run as much of it as I can. So, some big things coming up. I'm thankful for another week. Happy Monday friends! Let's make it a good one.

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