Tuesday, April 9, 2013

San Antonio Escape

Justin and I escaped to San Antonio last weekend and had the best time. Our main objective was meeting little Noah Edwards, newborn son of two of our dearest friends. We wasted no time getting to Kate and Jared's house and drove straight there once we crossed into San Antonio. Noah is even sweeter in person than he is in the photos I've been getting. Seriously adorable. We enjoyed a nice visit with Kate and Jared and each took a turn snuggling with Noah. It's safe to say we're both pretty smitten.

uncle justin meets noah!

noah aaron
After a few hours of good baby cuddling we headed to the Riverwalk to check into our hotel. I was particularly excited about the hotel because I had booked the historic St. Anthony. I probably shouldn't have been so excited. The lobby was breathtaking, but that's about where it ended. The room was clean and all, but our view of an air shaft and a bunch of air conditioners definitely wasn't. Clean I mean. The original tile in the bathroom was neat, along with our own personal doorbell and vintage peephole on the door, but definitely not what I had in mind. Especially for the price. Oh well. Live it learn it.

gorgeous turn-of-the-century lobby

our vintage doorbell and peephole

None of that really mattered once we met up with our friends on the Riverwalk later that night. The weather was pretty perfect and the company was even better. It was certainly a quick weekend trip, but well worth it.


Lake&Navy said...

Next time book Hotel Havana. Historic but amazing.

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

let us know next time y'all head down this way! Sorry the hotel wasn't as great as you wanted, but at least y'all got to hold a sweet baby :)

Kate said...

Noah loves his Aunt Ash and Uncle Justin! We loved seeing y'all.