Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Planning Bliss

Sunday afternoon looked like this for Justin and I. We had been to church, met my family for lunch and were going to settle in for a lazy afternoon when Justin asked, "Do you want to go up to Barnes and Noble and look at wedding magazines?" YES, please! He didn't look at wedding magazines of course. Being the world traveler that he is, he read up on honeymoon destinations. It was a blissful afternoon to say the least. Almost four weeks later and we're still over-the-moon happy.

We got my ring sized on Saturday evening (it was a full size too big) and that was pretty much torture for me. It sounds so lame. I went 29 years without an engagement ring, I took it off for 2.5 hours and it felt awful. Really awful. I didn't want to leave it, but I also didn't want to hang around the jewelry store for two hours. We went shopping and then ate at our favorite pizza cafe in Southlake Town Square before hurrying back to my ring. I felt like I was leaving a child for the first time! Like I said, lame. The end result was worth it, no more sliding around. I still catch myself staring at it. It's just beautiful and of course the significance behind it means even more. Yup, I'm still in that "pre-honeymoon" honeymoon phase. Somebody pinch me.

Wedding Planning Updates:
Week 3
Dress bought  
Invitations picked, tweaking the wording a bit though. They are perfect and hand made!
Currently pricing hair and make up artists,calligraphers and bands
Fun thing that happened: Our engagement party invitations went out. My mom's sweet friend offered to throw us a party in celebration of our engagement! We're excited.

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