Friday, February 24, 2012


this is what stunned looks like. (and for the record, that's a root beer)

Justin asked me to marry him 13 days ago and, of course, I said YES! I mentioned in my last two posts (more than a month ago) that February was a terribly busy season for me. Work projects, Justin's 30th birthday party and a major home tour for the Baylor Women's League. With all of that commotion I never saw the engagement coming. Certainly not at his own birthday party! Are you kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I knew hoped it was coming. We have been talking about it for almost a year and I knew that Justin was planning for it, I just never in a million years saw him doing it at his birthday party. (At a SENIOR CENTER nonetheless)! I guess the joke's on me ;)

It was perfect. I was completely stunned. Surrounded by most of our closest friends and family. As I've said repeatedly over the last two weeks, we are overwhelmed with joy. I can't even adequately describe the feeling. I dreamt about this day for so long and so many times doubted if it would ever happen. I am beyond thankful that it is here and it is happening and I can't wait to celebrate in September with all of our closest friends and family! I have butterflies just thinking of it.

Wedding Planning Updates:
Week 2
Date Set: September 1, 2012
Location Set: Salado, TX
Chapel booked
Reception site booked
Photographer booked: Melissa Zihlman Photography
Wedding party chosen (One of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Seriously. I wanted 11 bridesmaids, Justin wanted five groomsmen, we compromised with eight each ;)
Wedding dress shopping tomorrow. Stay tuned...


Bethany Jordan said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Ashleigh!! Rick and I are both so happy for you guys. What a great match.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!! So exciting!!

Courtney at Little Moments said...

Congratulations!!! Salado will be beautiful!