Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am loving all of the "30 days of Thankfulness" posts floating around the blog/facebook/twitter world. I don't pretend to be diligent enough to post daily, but I love reading everyone else's posts. I am thankful for a lot of things, mostly things I don't deserve at.all, but I'm too flaky to remember to post them everyday anywhere. While I'm thinking about it, here are just a few of the mundane and not so mundane things I am thankful for.

a boyfriend who is my biggest fan and loves me for me
family who love me for me
friends who love me for me
a cozy little house to call my own
a job that allows me to think outside of the box and do what i love for a living
my baylor season tickets. sic 'em bears!
my fur baby avery
a church home that meets my needs on multiple levels
my circle
reunions of all kinds
flavored coffee and cold mornings
two healthy grandparents that are very much a part of my life
two beautiful nieces that made me love like i didn't know i could
forgiveness and grace
everlasting life through jesus
someone to share hopes and dreams for the future with

Too sappy? Maybe, but it's all true. Tis the season.

P.S. I took the photo above at Serendipity when I was in New York last summer. I love the colors and the vintageness. Add that to the list. I'm thankful for opportunities to travel and fun places to explore. And vintageness. I'm thankful for vintageness.

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