Friday, November 18, 2011


It's been a week of celebrating around these parts and I'm currently (fittingly) celebrating the fact that it's the weekend! Woohoo. What's so exciting about this weekend in particular? Next week's a short week and after Thursday I can finally listen to Christmas music without feeling guilty. I may or may not but definitely will force ask Justin to listen to Christmas music all the way back from Beaumont on Friday. Good times ahead.

Back to the celebrating. We kicked off the week a little early on Sunday afternoon by taking Keira to the park. We were rewarding her for doing so well with potty training. She's turning into such a big girl and we love spending time with her. It's clear I'm her favorite aunt. Never mind the fact that I've got the market cornered seeing as I'm her only aunt. Semantics. Anyway, we had a great time with my first niece.
she told me she was trying to touch the clouds while she was swinging


Monday night I trekked it to Plano with mom, dad, Aimee and baby Micah. We celebrated several family birthdays and had a great time enjoying each other as a family. I'm completely sad that we won't all be together for Thanksgiving. Bebe and Dede (my grandparents) will be in Arkansas for Dede's job. (He could easily retire, but loves working). Justin and I will be in Beaumont with his family. My first Thanksgiving away. Feels weird, although I'm excited to experience the holiday with Justin's family. Anyway, dinner was fun, minus Keira falling out of her chair and getting a nasty goose egg. Scary time, but she's okay.

Tuesday night the celebrating continued with Justin and I celebrating our two year anniversary of dating. He sent me my favorite flowers and we re-created our first date. We even set in the same booth. We nixed the movie part due to the fact that it was a Tuesday night, we were both tired and Justin had to drive home. It's okay, we enjoyed dinner and reminiscing.

The week ended with a super fun girls night with some very dear friends at one of my favorite Fort Worth spots. I may or may not have completely embarrassed myself by running into an (immaculately) clean glass wall. Not one of my finer moments. Thankfully, my friends decided to have dinner with me anyway and it was fabulous. Both the dinner and the company. And the s'more calzone. Yikes.

Finally, here's hoping we're celebrating Baylor beating OU tomorrow night. We'll be there to see it either way. Fingers crossed. Sic 'em.

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