Monday, March 2, 2015

Nursery Inspiration

We have finally started to work on the nursery and, it turns out, there is a fun part to pregnancy - nursery design! The family we bought our house from had a little girl and a baby boy and subsequently baby blue and baby pink bedrooms. Neither color is really our style, and we didn't have kids then anyway, so the pink was the first to go. We knew the blue room might someday be a baby room, so we didn't rush to paint. No one has used that guest room since we bought the house in September 2013, so it hasn't been a big deal. I was so sick for so long that nursery planning was the furthest from my mind. Probably because it felt like I would be sick and pregnant forever, so what was the point in working on a nursery?! Ha. Miserable pregnant woman logic at it's finest.

Anyway, with the nausea nearly gone, we've been working in the nursery for the past couple of weeks. Justin finished my shiplap wall (he did such a good job) and we cleared out the closet thanks to last weekend's snow day. We're getting a couple of quotes from painters and hope to get the room painted this month. Here's the color scheme:

Walls and built-ins = white (Probably Sherwin William's alabaster).
Ceiling and back of built-ins = Sherwin William's sea salt.


Here's what the room looked like a couple of weeks ago:

And here's the shiplap wall in progress:

The wall is done, it's just waiting to be painted. I can hardly wait! Here's some of my inspiration:

We're going for a fresh take on a classic look. I'll let you know how it turns out...


Bethany Jordan said...

Of course, I love everything!!

Bethe @ Texas Lovely said...

Love the neutrals! And I was the same way... I was so sick that I couldn't even think about a nursery for such a long time. And then I never did hit the nesting phase... but Will sure did!