Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Ice Story

The Johnson family survived Icemageddon 2013 or Iceappocolypse or Cleon or whatever they landed on as the official name. In fact it didn't really phase us all that much. Justin worked from home for two days, but life pretty much went on as normal for us. I did get driven to work by one of our police officers on Friday morning, which I guess is not-so-normal. We shut down the city for the first time ever, but a few of us went in when we learned we had some homes without power. Luckily, it didn't end up being a city-wide outage and I was home by noon.
We had plans to go to Waco on Saturday for the last Baylor game of the season and the last game to ever be played at Floyd Casey Stadium. It was a sell-out game and one that we could have made a hefty profit on had we decided earlier not to go. That wasn't an option for me, even before we knew the weather was going to be terrible. Anyway, we made the trek, (which was admittedly a little scary), but definitely something I am glad that we did. Did I mention that Baylor won the Big XII for the first time ever? Yah, that happened and we were there to witness it. And we sat through frozen fog to do it. That was awful, but worth it. Kind of.

Our church canceled all services on Sunday, so we called our good friends (and former roommates), picked them up and had breakfast at our neighborhood greasy spoon. We also had them over for dinner on Monday night since our Sunday school class Christmas party was postponed due to the roads. We are hosting that party tonight, but still enjoyed the benefits of living in the same neighborhood as sweet friends on ice days. It really was an unprecedented December storm, but somehow us Johnson's didn't really let it get to us. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but even a few white weekends this winter will do. Preferably snow and not ice.

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