Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alive and Well

Helloooo. Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?!

I have neglected my little corner of the blogosphere far longer than I ever intended. At first I was just sad and uninspired. And then I had an issue with my iPad. And then, well, it just felt like it had been too long. Perhaps it has been too long, but I missed chronicling our life and having a space to call my own. So, I'm back. And I'm alive and well and happier than ever.

For starters, we FOUND A HOUSE. And not just any house, but a house that we love and that perfectly blends both of our styles. Not a simple or common thing by the way. The story of how we ended up in our house is a story that deserves it's own post. It's a story that very clearly demonstrates the Lord's provision over our lives and how he IS inside of every detail. Don't get me wrong, I miss our sweet, cozy little first house - and probably always will, but to feel confident in following God's plan and not our own is powerful. And a wonderful feeling. I'll definitely blog that story and do a little online home tour. We've had a lot of fun making the house ours.

Aside from the house, we've been busy as usual.

We went to Mexico to celebrate our one year anniversary. One year!

Less than 24 hours after we returned home from Mexico, I was back at the airport on my way to Phoenix. It was a crazy week for sure, but I was honored to be asked to speak at a national conference for government marketing professionals.
We've been doing lots of tailgating in Waco. Lots.

Oh, and my Bears beat OU again. That was fun. And totally worth driving back on a Thursday night and not getting home until 1:30 a.m.

All in all, we are alive and well and very, very thankful. To our family and friends, thank you for loving us through a very difficult time. We are so grateful for your prayers. Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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