Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Justin turned 31 last month. You may recall his birthday party last year, as it was quite eventful. Although we opted for a little less excitement this year, we still wanted to celebrate in a big way. We knew we'd need a little mini getaway mid-winter, and Justin's birthday was the perfect excuse to plan a little trip.

We spent a few days in Las Vegas last month and had the best time. Truly. It was fun to just jet off in the middle of the week with my new husband and celebrate his birthday. And our six month anniversary. And Valentine's Day. But mainly him. Anyway, we did it up right. We saw a show, ordered room service, gambled a little bit, ate a lot of nice meals and just took in the fun sights. That sweet husband of mine also surprised me with a morning at the spa on Valentine's Day. Total bliss. Viva Las Vegas!

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